Treatments for Osteoporosis

Treatments for Osteoporosis - the many treatments available for Osteoporosis

There are now many treatments available for Osteoporosis. All medications have potential side effects whether they are for osteoporosis or any another condition. When dealing with osteoporosis, the risk of fracture usually far out weights the risk of possible side effects. Please speak to your doctor and/or an Osteoporosis/bone specialist.

For more detailed information on treatments please contact the Irish Medicines board at:

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Which treatment a persons is put on is usually based on the following:

  • Risk of fracture or re-fracture
  • Cause/s of your osteoporosis
  • Your age
  • DXA scan results of your spine and hips.
  • Your medical history

The recommended daily amount of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and weight bearing exercise are an essential part for the prevention of Osteoporosis and also the treatment for patients with Osteoporosis, along with a prescribed osteoporosis medication.

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements

They help provide building blocks for healthy bone production

The brand names of some are the following:

  • Calcichew D3 Forte
  • Osteofos D 3 forte
  • Kalcipos

HRT - Estrogen/Hormone Therapy

There are Multiple brands available. They are oestrogen replacement for women going through the menopause and help to maintain bone density and reduce fracture   rates for the duration they are on the treatment. Estrogen therapy and estrogen with progesterone hormone therapy are approved for the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women provided there are no contraindications. They are usually   recommended for post menopausal symptoms to help improve the persons quality of life. They may also be prescribed for premenopausal women who have amenorrhea and are oestrogen deficient.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs)

The brand name is Convbriza®. SERMs work in a similar way to oestrogen on bone by preventing bone loss. In postmenopausal women who do not have hot flushes and also provided there are no other contraindications.

Strontium Ranelate

It has a dual action, it prevents bone loss and increases bone mineral density through the formation of new normal strong bone.

The brand name is Protelos; one sachet with water daily

Bisphosphonates which are also known as Antiresorptive medications

These are non hormonal drugs which help maintain bone density and prevent further bone loss.

The following are a list of the brands of bisphosphonates:

  • Fosamax® - Can be given in tablet which is taken weekly
  • Fosamax® plus D -Fosavance is a tablet which is taken weekly
  • Fosavance 5600 tablet once weekly
  • Boniva® Can be given in tablet monthly
  • Boniva® Can be given by IV four times a year
  • Actonel® - This is a tablet which can taken daily /weekly
  • Actonel® with Calcium. Actonel Combi- Actonel is a tablet is taken weekly   and Ca is taken the other 6 days
  • Actonel plus Ca & D, Actonel tablet is taken once weekly and a sachet   the other 6 days
  • Aclasta ® is a once-a-year IV osteoporosis treatment.

Parathyroid Hormone -(PTH)

Bone forming agents that stimulates the formation of new bone.

  • Forsteo = (1-34) It is given as a daily injection for 24 months
  • Preotact = (1-84) It is given as a daily injection for 18 months


This is a non surgical treatment which involves a needle with "bone cement" in it, inserted through the skin into the fractured body of the vertebrae.


This is a surgical treatment which involves a balloon being placed within the fractured vertebrae, followed by a "bone cement" being injected into  the balloon.