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A birthday gift for yourself or a loved one!

If you are at risk to fall, you want to ensure that you are able to get help asap, which is why we are bringing the WatchOvers watch to your attention.
Could you or a loved one benefit from a watch that has a G-sensor for fall detection
and emergency phone calls?
If your answer is yes, then a WatchOvers watch could be the best Christmas present you buy yourself or a loved one.
This product was assessed by Michele O’Brien, the CEO of the Irish Osteoporosis Society, who set up the first Fall Prevention service for senior citizens in Ireland in 2000.
This watch can automatically detect if a person falls, therefore if for some reason you are unable to push the emergency button, the watch will phone your emergency contacts automatically for you.
If you or a loved one had a fall or got lost outside of your home, there is a GPS locator which would assist your emergency contacts in locating where you are.
The watch is a mobile phone with its own sim card so it works everywhere, at home and out and about.
If you suddenly do not feel well or have some sort of emergency you can push a button on the watch which will phone your emergency contact right away and you
can talk directly to them. Reminders to take your medication can also be set on the watch!

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NOTE: You can receive 10% discount on the price of the watch at the checkout, using the discount code OST1040, as long as the watch is not purchased on the payment plan.


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