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Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the inside of bones, even though on the outside a person can look perfectly fine. It causes bones to become fragile, so and break more easily.

What is Osteopenia

Osteopenia is the early stage of Osteoporosis. Having osteopenia places a person at risk of developing Osteoporosis. A diagnosis of osteopenia is a warning that you must start taking care of your bones and that prevention methods need to be put in place. The risk factors for developing osteopenia are the same as for Osteoporosis.

Who is at Risk

The following are brief explanations regarding the main red flags that people need to be aware of to assess if they are at risk of bone loss (osteopenia and/or Osteoporosis) and of breaking multiple bones. Most people are not aware of the secondary effects of broken bones and how dangerous they can be.

Signs and symptoms of osteoporosis

While no one experiences signs or symptoms before breaking a bone, there are signs and symptoms of possible undiagnosed osteoporosis.