Hints & Tips for Senior Citizens

Tip #1
Get a DXA scan to make sure you do not lose your independence from untreated Osteoporosis which is preventable and treatable in most people.

A DXA scan is like having an X-ray and it is completely painless. You lie on your back for approximately 10-15 minutes while a bar moves above you, back and forth. It is not claustrophobic. A DXA scan measures a person’s bone mineral density, which basically means the strength of the person’s bone. Click to find the nearest DXA scan to you.

Tip #2
If you are a senior citizen and underweight, think about getting hip protector underwear, which will help to reduce your risk of breaking your hip if you have a fall.

Hip protectors are a specialized type of underwear containing pads on the outside of each hip. They are unisex and can be worn during the day or at night and are invisible under normal clothing. They are designed to help reduce the risk of a fractured hip when a person falls. They are most commonly recommended for:

  • Senior citizens who are at risk of fracturing a hip.
  • Thin and frail senior citizens.
  • Senior citizens who have already had a fall or near fall.

Some studies have shown that hip protectors can decrease the risk of a hip fracture by 64%.

Tip #3
Bed Lever.

A bed lever is a device that can assist people who are having trouble getting up and down, from a lying position to a seated position in bed. It can be used in most beds and cannot be felt through a standard mattress.

Tip #4
Consider a Reacher.

A Reacher is a sturdy, lightweight device, that is simple and easy to use. It has a trigger action which is ideal for people who have difficulty bending down to pick up light items from the floor. It has a non-slip, rubber-lined jaw that provides a secure grip and some have a magnetic tip. A stick clip can also be purchased for attaching the Reacher onto wheelchairs and rollators (walking frames).

Tip #5
Bath Lifters.

A Bath Lifter is a device that enables people to continue to take a bath, even if they have had trouble getting in and out of one previously. It is placed in a person’s bathtub, but it is removable. It eliminates a person having to stand on a wet surface after bathing, which is one of the dangers after taking a shower.  They are easy to clean and maintain and are suitable for adults and children.

Tip #6
Walking Sticks.

If you have had a fall or near fall or do not feel 100% steady on your feet, a walking stick can give you extra support and reduce your risk of falling. An Orthopaedic walking stick can be bought for people who are right or left-handed and is adjustable for different heights.

Note: If a cane is too high or too low, it can aggravate a neck, shoulder, hip, or back problem.

Tip #7
A Rollator with Wheels and a Bag.

A Rollator (walker with wheels) with a bag. If you find you get tired when walking or feel unsafe when carrying objects such as food shopping, you should consider a Rollator with wheels, with a bag. The bag can carry light items which means both your hands can help support you.  Look for a lightweight aluminum frame, whose height is adjustable and has easily accessible loop lockable brakes. There are also swivel front castors for easy maneuverability. It will need to be able to fold easily for storage in a car.

Note: If a Rollator is too high or too low, it can aggravate a neck, shoulder, hip, or back problem.

Tip #8
A Wheeled Rollator with a Seat.

If you have had a fall or near fall or find you get tired easily from walking, you should consider a Rollator with wheels, with a seat. The seat enables you to take a rest whenever you need to, especially if you take public transportation and must wait for a bus. There are also swivel front castors for easy manoeuvrability. Ensure to get one that folds easily for storage on a bus, as well as in a car.

Tip #9
Grab Bars or Raised Toilet Seat.

Grab bars provide secure support for people going up or down a step into their home or to step into or stand in a shower. A raised toilet seat helps people to get up and down from a toilet.

Tip #10
A Kettle Tipper

A Kettle tipper stand is a device that you place your kettle on, and it takes the worry out of pouring hot water. The device supports your kettle, therefore little effort is needed to hold even a full kettle. The kettle cannot drop forward or backward which significantly reduces the risk of a burn. It can be used to fill a teapot, mug or cup. This device is not suitable for cordless kettles.


You can heat your tea etc in a microwave which eliminates lifting a kettle.