Exercises for osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the inside of your bones, making them fragile so they break easily. You will not feel your bones getting weaker. Women, men, and all age groups are affected. Exercise is very important to help reduce your risk of bone loss and to help improve your bone strength.

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How can exercise help? What exercises are safe?

The correct exercises can help to improve muscle strength, endurance, improve your balance, help to reduce your risk of falling and breaking bones, and most importantly help to keep you independent. 60 minutes per day for children and 30 minutes a day for adults of weight-bearing exercise is recommended.

It is very important that the exercises you do, are not putting excess stress on the bones in your back and place you at risk of actually fracturing bones. Many stretches and exercises you would have done back in your school days, have been found to be inappropriate and in some cases unsafe. Example; Regular sit ups should not be done by anyone with and without bone loss.

You should begin by walking. Your path and pace needs to be varied, to et the most benefit.

Walking up and down a flight of stairs = I minute of weight-bearing.

Dancing and Tai chi are other examples of suitable exercises.

Those with bone loss should be assessed to see what is safe for you and be monitored by a health professional.


Not recommended if you have bone loss:

  • No lifting of babies or young children
  • Regular, old-fashioned sit-ups
  • Trampolines
  • High impact
  • Twisting your back with your feet planted on the ground
  • Vibration machines
  • Excessive weights
  • Yoga stretches e.g. touching your toes with your legs straight, even those who do not have bone loss should never do this stretch.
Exercises for osteoporosis