How We Are Funded

The Irish Osteoporosis Society is a registered Charity in Ireland – (Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20034191 + CHY11987 )

  • The Charity has received non government grants for certain projects in the past
  • The Charity receives donations and legacies from the public.
  • The Charity receives sponsorship from corporate companies, which assists us with our work.

NOTE: The content and views expressed on our website and given out to the public and health care professionals are those of the Irish Osteoporosis Society, not from any of our sponsors.

The Charity has two full-time employees, to cover the Republic of Ireland.

The Charity is very dependent on those diagnosed with bone loss to help support our work. The fact you are reading this, you are on our website and we would really appreciate if you would consider supporting the Charity by becoming a member. The cost of an annual Charity Membership is €50 and goes directly towards the cost of running our services.

By supporting the Charity, you are helping to increase Osteoporosis awareness, as sadly only 19% of people with bone loss are diagnosed. You will also learn more about Osteoporosis and members can avail of making an appointment with the helpline manager to discuss your bone health, free of charge.

Please take a moment to look at our website and our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). We would really appreciate it if you could tell your family and friends about our 3-minute risk factor test, where they can check to see if they are at risk of bone loss.

Each year, the IOS organises an Annual Medical Conference for healthcare professionals in October, to coincide with World Osteoporosis Day and to keep them updated on new developments in Osteoporosis.

Pre covid the IOS held public talks throughout the country. We plan to start this again once Covid is no longer an issue. We intend to continue with these talks as soon as all HSE Covid restrictions are lifted.

The Charity gives presentations to companies via |Zoom, to create awareness and to help to decrease the number of people losing their independence, from a disease that is preventable in most people.  These talks highlight the importance of taking care of your bone health which in turn will result in reducing the number of people not being able to work to their full retirement age.  

Pictured below is Prof. O’Brien with Mark Pollock, Collaboration Catalyst and Explorer who was a speaker at one of the Irish Osteoporosis Society’s Annual Medical Conferences.