Corporate Sponsorship

Please help us to raise awareness across Ireland by ensuring that your employees do not have undiagnosed Osteoporosis. We need your support to help us limit the number of people losing their independence, from a disease that is preventable and treatable in most people, but where only 19% of people are diagnosed.

Many people who contact the Charity have already broken numerous bones and many have had to stop working. However, with our guidance, the majority have been able to regain their independence and return to employment.

Did you know that 25% of men and 50% of women aged 50, will break a bone from Osteoporosis?

Employee fundraising

Your employees working together for a Charitable cause will help to increase staff morale, this can even be done remotely by holding a quiz on zoom.

It is also a great way to enhance teamwork and to project a positive corporate image. Employee fundraising activities could include any of the following:


Fundraising events:

  • Why not have a competition among your employees to see if they can come up with a novel idea to highlight bone health tied into a fundraising event? We can award certificates for the top three ideas.
  • Dress down day at work once a month when employees make a donation each time to the Charity, with Covid upon us, how about a dress up day!!
  • A coffee morning with employees baking goods and rating each other’s cooking on how it looks!
  • A raffle held virtually. What clutter do your employees want to get rid of? Who can come up with the most bizarre prize?
  • A table tennis type competition or with a tennis racket in a home. Who can bounce the ball for the most amount of times without dropping it, and also who can do the funkiest trick with a racket and ball?
  • Entering mini marathons, cycling or running events on behalf of the Charity.

How can you help to support us and assist your employees too?


Payroll Donation:

Employees giving a donation from their pay to our Charity is a very simple way that they can make a significant contribution to the IOS.

Corporate sponsorship:

  • Your company could sponsor the National Osteoporosis Helpline.
  • Your company could be a sponsor at our Annual National Osteoporosis Meeting for health professionals.
  • Your company could sponsor an awareness evening for the public in your area.