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Free Stress Control Online Programme – COVID-19

Free Stress Control Online Programme starts 14th April 2020

HSE, Health & Wellbeing are offering a Stress Control Online programme, commencing 13th April 2020, via  This three week programme is free of charge to the public and delivered by Dr. Jim White, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Stress Control Ltd.

Watch Dr. Christina Corbett, Senior Clinical Psychologist with the HSE, introduce the programme here.

It has never been more important for the public to have evidenced-based supports from a trusted source, to help them manage and deal with the range of emotions individuals and families are experiencing at the moment. This initiative encourages participants to be their own therapist by managing their thoughts and emotions and developing techniques to help them maintain good mental health.

This initiative is part of a range of measures being rolled out under the new Government’s Together Campaign which is focused on supporting wellbeing at this unprecedented time.


There are six free sessions available to the public. Session one commences on the 13th April (Session one will repeat on Tuesday, April, 14th). Each session will play twice a day (at 2 pm and repeated at 8.30 pm) on Mondays and Thursdays beginning on the 13th April. The sessions will be led by Dr Jim White, a consultant clinical psychologist.


The six sessions, 90 minutes a session, will cover the following topics. Participants are encouraged to watch all sessions, but participants can join at any stage for one or more session.


Session Date 1st Showing Repeated

1: What is stress?


Mon, 13th April


2 – 3.30pm


Tuesday, April 14

8.30 – 10pm

2: Controlling your body Thurs, 16th April 2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
3: Controlling your thoughts Mon 20th April 2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
4: Controlling your actions Thurs, 23rd April 2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
5: Controlling panicky feelings Getting good night’s sleep Mon, 27th April 2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
6: Boosting your wellbeing

Tying it all together

Controlling your future

Thurs, 30th April 2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm

*Session 1 will be repeated Tues, 14th April at 2pm and 8:30pm

How to Participate:

In order to access these sessions online:

Users must click on  and follow instructions about how to ‘Subscribe’  to Stress Control’s YouTube page. This is a free subscription.

Users will then receive notifications when a new session is available.  You can also follow this link:

See HSE website for the outline of the programme here.

See outline of various supports provided by HSE Mental Health at this time here.