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Correct Exercises for Good Bone Health

The Irish Osteoporosis Society provides advice and info about Correct Exercises for Good Bone Health.

This video will help to maintain or build up fitness levels in a safe way if you are staying home for a long period. IOS has produced a video to make it easier to carry out the exercises.  You can find out more information about the correct amount and type of exercises HERE.

Physical Activity is essential for those 70+ years of age. You may have been cocooning and were restricted from leaving your home.  You might still be cocooning and looking for exercise options. Either way, physical exercise and movement remain important. People should stay as active as possible during this time, but common sense must prevail.

Usually, the IOS would always recommend that anyone with bone loss is assessed by a Chartered Physiotherapist, with experience of treating people with the condition. However, due to the current situation, IOS now offers a guide to exercising at home.

Adults need to do 30 minutes of appropriate daily weight-bearing exercise. Once you can do 30 minutes, then build up slowly from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Due to cocooning, everyone is walking less, as even the short walks to get into your car is no longer happening.

Equally important is how not to perform incorrect exercises – see HERE for more information on what not to do.

There is more information about all aspects of osteoporosis on our website –