Testimonials from people the Charity has assisted

“I think the Irish Osteoporosis Society do an amazing job trying to support, prevent and educate people about osteoporosis. Keep up the good work”.

Christine P. Dublin.

I have found the Irish Osteoporosis Society staff to be so helpful and caring and would recommend that people support this Charity as the service they provide is second to none.

Maria Mc C Galway

“From my parents to myself, siblings, my husband and even my children, we have all been diagnosed over the years with Osteoporosis. We have been assisted by the Osteoporosis charity from the very first diagnosis and would highly recommend people support the charities services, as my entire family have all benefited from their excellent guidance and help. Without their help, I could not image what would have happened to all of us, especially my children.

Joan R Cork

If I had not contacted the Irish Osteoporosis Society I would have ended up in a wheelchair. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support I received from them.

Mary C Dublin

At 41 I broke bones in my back in an exercise class and my whole life fell apart. I had always eaten healthy and exercised and never been out of work sick.
I woke up one morning and I could not get out of bed due to horrendous back pain. With their guidance I have got my life back and would encourage everyone to check to see if they have risk factors for bone loss, as well as supporting a very worthy Charity.

Teresa, Dublin

I would like to sincerely thank the Irish Osteoporosis Charity for all their help regarding my elderly dad. He had lost his independence from breaking multiple broken bones in his back, but is now back pottering in raised garden beds in his garden. There are no words to describe the difference in him and how we will always be indebted to the charity for guiding us through the process.

Catherine O’B Limerick

‘Michele, Joyce and Professor Moira O’Brien, are three champions for the women of Ireland’. Best wishes,

Jennifer O’S, Cork