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Your DXA scan results explained.

Would you like a basic explanation of your DXA scan results?

The Irish Osteoporosis Society is offering a new service.

You can contact us to book a 30 minute appointment on (01) 637 5050.

Before meeting you, we will send you our risk factor questionnaire.
This needs to be completed in advance of the appointment.

You will need to get a (preferably colour) copy of your entire DXA report, which should be 3 to 4 pages with graphs and images and individual T scores for L1, L2, L3, L4 and both areas of both hips included.

Please ensure that you are not given a radiologist report which usually only consists of one page.

The doctor who referred you for your DXA scan report should have a copy, if not, they can request one form the clinic/hospital you went to.

The cost of the service is free for Irish Osteoporosis Society members and €80 for a non-member.

All funds will go towards the Charities’ day to day services.