Research and an osteoporosis diagnosis
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Can you help us to help you?

The IOS is currently involved in research around how to better understand the impact of an Osteoporosis diagnosis on a patient’s family members (spouses, adult children, siblings etc).

The research has two 2 phases: (please note that individual participants will only participate in one of the phases of the study).

The first phase consists of in-depth Face to Face interviews with women diagnosed with osteoporosis and a family-member both interviewed at the same time.

We have now got enough patients for the first phase.

We are now just looking to fill the remaining slots for the second phase.

The second phase will involve telephone interviews with family members of women affected by Osteoporosis.   We are hoping to include respondents from all over Ireland in this phase of the research.

Please note anonymity and confidentiality will be assured for anyone participating in the research

If you are interested, please contact Anne Stanley at or 087 652 4755