Get a Free Telephone Consultation with an Osteoporosis Specialist Nurse Today

According to the Irish Hip Fracture Database, women over 65 are almost 70% more likely to break a hip than men. In response to this alarming statistic, the Irish Osteoporosis Society (IOS) are offering those who fall into the ‘at risk’ age bracket the opportunity to have a free telephone consultation with an osteoporosis specialist nurse. The nurse will provide a one-to-one bone health assessment and useful guidance on how to prevent broken bones due to osteoporosis.

Risk Assessment

Women aged 65 and older are asked to take a couple of minutes to complete the risk assessment. Once complete, you will immediately be made aware whether you are at risk of developing osteoporosis or breaking a bone due to the disease.
If the result tells you that you are at risk, the first step is not to panic. The good news is osteoporosis is preventable and treatable. The second step is to reach out for your free 1 to 1 telephone consultation with the osteoporosis specialist nurse, by calling freephone: 1800 806 931 or on completion of the risk test submit your contact information and receive a call back from a specialised nurse.

Free Nurse Consultation

Osteoporosis is known as the silent disease as you may not have any symptoms until you break a bone. The osteoporosis specialist nurse will call you to determine your risk, by asking about your family health history, your own health and lifestyle. The nurse will then provide guidance tailored to your specific needs how you can maintain good bone health, including eating the right foods and gentle exercise. Alternatively, you can visit your GP if you are concerned about your bone health.

Next Steps

Your next move is to take the risk test. From there, follow the basic guidelines that you will be prompted to take by the risk test.
Should you have any queries, feel free to call the National Helpline on 01 637 5050.