VHI Mini Marathon in June

The Irish Osteoporosis Society would like to thank all of you who participated in the Women's Mini Marathon on behalf of the charity. We really appreciate your support. As you are all aware the Charity struggles to keep all its services open. If you or someone you know enters any fundraising events or runs events we would really appreciate if you could consider us. If you know of any companies that have health promotion presentations to staff or pick a Charity of the year, we would be extremely grateful.


VHI Women's Mini Marathon

Public Holiday Monday

June 6, 2016


Rune or Walk the VHI Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin Dublin in support of the Irish Osteoporosis Society.

The Irish Osteoporosis Society is a National Charity which deals specifically with Osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a Silent disease which affects both sexes and all age groups but sadly only 15% of people are diagnosed (280,000 undiagnosed).

We are the only organisation offering support and guidance to those at risk and those diagnosed with this condition. 

We have two full time staff to cover the Republic of Ireland which equates to covering six full time positons in order to keep the Charity services running.

We are asking all participants of the VHI Mini Marathon to consider running or walking for the Charity, to assist us increase awareness of this disease.  

Please pass on this message to family, friends and co-workers.




Please ask anyone looking to sponsor you to log onto our Ship page where you can make a Donation by buying vouchers to the amount of €10.00.

Log onto the Shop page of our website HERE.

Click onto the Donate to the Irish Osteoporosis Now button.

This wil bring you to our shopping cart where you can buy €10.00 vouchers as a way of sponsoring runners.


Catherina McKiernan appeals on behalf of the Irish Osteoporosis Society from Irish Osteoporosis Society on Vimeo.


It is essential that everybody protects their bones and check to see if they have risk factors of this Silent disease.

Many people are not aware that there are 200 causes of bone loss. It is essential that causes of bone loss are found and addressed.

Athletes are prone to developing Osteoporosis for many various reasons.


Sponsorship cards and T shirts are available from our office;


Tel:  01 637 5050

Email: info@irishosteoporosis.ie

IOS Runners from 2015 event