Stay Strong Partnership Programme

Nationwide Exposure

The silent disease, known as osteoporosis, has a very serious impact on the health of many Irish men, women, and children. Given the high number of people at risk, we provide information and support to the public and health professionals nationwide. Every year we deliver many lectures throughout Ireland and publish informative literature to educate the Irish public. As a member of the Stay Strong Partnership Programme, you will increase your exposure to target audiences and gain a competitive edge through association. We will personally work with you to ensure your company is recognized through our organisation.

Cause Related Marketing

According to recent research done by Cone Communications, 82% of people are more likely to choose a product that clearly demonstrates social responsibility initiatives over a product that does not. Investing socially and operating responsibly can vastly improve profitability and recognition throughout the country. Associating with our important social cause can help your company excel in Ireland.

Social Responsibility

By joining the Stay Strong Partnership Programme, you will help promote our mission while cultivating a positive work environment and building community trust. All of our funds are put towards raising awareness on osteoporosis, so we may continue to educate the public and promote healthy lifestyles. Associating with our organization can help boost employee participation and loyalty through group efforts and charity events. This partnership will not only increase visibility for you company, but it will also help develop a positive public image within the community.

Download our Stay Strong Partnership Programme for more information.