Skydive for the Irish Osteoporosis Society

Charity Skydive

The IOS Charity Skydive is on Saturday 11th October, 2014 in Kilkenny.


To join Michele O'Brien in doing a tandem parachute jump out of a plane please quote the following Group ID booking no.

The Group ID booking number is:       ch-gp-2356

You can check out further what you need to do at Skydive Ireland.


If jumping out of a plane is not your idea of fun, you can sponsor Michele. Just contact the Irish Osteoporosis Society and speak to a member of staff about how you can donate to Michele's dive.

Thank you in advance for supporting this fundraiser.

We would really appreciate if you could pass this information on to your family, friends and co workers.

This will be the charity’s main fundraiser for the year and we really need people to support Michele or join Michele.

Skydive information

·         Wear comfortable casual clothes and runners with laces

·         At all times you are securely attached to an experienced and qualified instructor

·         Skydive from 10,000ft. Free fall at 200km/h for approximately 25 seconds

·         Everything you need to know about exiting the aircraft and your free fall body position will be explained to you during your 20 minutes of training which takes place prior to your skydive

·         Free fall lasts approximately 35 seconds and then once the parachute deploys, the parachute flight lasts approximately 4-5 minutes until touchdown

·         The instructor will take control for landing, but you will be asked if you would like to assist in steering and flying the parachute

·         Limitation

o   Skydiving is extremely weather dependent

o   Minimum age is 16 years old

o   Under 18, parents need to be with you on the day and give approval

o   No maximum age limit

o   Over 50 will require your doctors approval

o   If you have any medical conditions or are taking any prescribed medication you will need to have your doctor complete a medical certificate

o   If you have any current or past injury, any rods, pins, plates, screws this can cause limitations

o   Max weight limit is determined by how much weight combines is permitted to be carried on the parachute

o   Essential that your weight is proportionate to your height - detailed chart on website

Skydive Ireland Contact Details: 

Phone:  056 7800900


Opening Hours:  10am – 6pm Monday - Friday

Charity Skydive

-       fundraise a minimum of €480

-       tandem skydive

-       €240 goes to the cost of your skydive and then all other funds goes towards your charity

-       register online

-       Skydive Ireland will send you your fundraising card

-       you have 12 weeks to complete all your fundraising

-       Payment 1 = €120 – booking payment

o   Deadline = 4 weeks

-       Payment 2 = €120 – final skydive payment

o   Deadline = 8 weeks

-       Charity funds = minimum €240

o   Deadline = 12 weeks

o   Bring the charity funds with you on the day of your skydive



-       Charity =  480



-       add video/photo on the day

o   online video = € 75

o   online video + DVD = € 85

o   online video + DVD + phone = € 120 


If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist the IOS, please call 1890 252 751 / 01-637 5050 or e-mail