New interns for the IOS

Two new interns from the United States, Tiana Marie Bursten and Catherine Pereira, are on a work and cultural exchange in Ireland. They will be working with the IOS for the next couple of months.  Both are studying health subjects in college - nursing and biology respectively.

Tiana explains what motivated her to want to come to Ireland -

Many people want to, at some point, travel abroad. For some they want to experience a new culture, others want to complete feats like climbing great mountain peaks, and others go for the food. I always knew I wanted to go abroad, but I knew I did not want to just study. Studying was all I did at home, and I wanted a new experience in a new place.

With this goal, I was very fortunate to get an internship placement with the Irish Osteoporosis Society. I am someone who really enjoys helping people when they are most vulnerable, when they are sick and scared. The IOS is a charity with the goal to help people with osteoporosis get back on their feet. I have listened to many peoples’ stories about their experiences and their diagnosis and I have and I have been able to see and hear Michele and the others working here try to help guide these people through their options and getting care.

I have learned that Irish healthcare can be a difficult thing to navigate, and I feel that the IOS’s goal is to help people get to the other side and be in better health. I have seen that the IOS will look over the information of any treatment options keeping the best interests of patients in mind. They keep up to date on information about osteoporosis through conferences, and research, and they try to share this information as much as they can, whenever they can. I hope as I go back to my home that I can spread awareness of osteoporosis and make as good of an impact for my country as the IOS has done for Ireland.