"Where there is a will, there is a way" - leaving your Osteoporosis legacy

Many people see their Will as an opportunity to make a special and memorable gesture. Naturally, your first concerns will be to ensure that your family and loved ones are properly provided for, but there is another way in which a Will can hand on something precious.

A legacy is a gift made as part of a Will, to an individual or to an organisation or charity such as the Irish Osteoporosis Society.

The Irish Osteoporosis Society is committed to raising awareness of Osteoporosis and to supporting people with or at risk of the disease. As a member of the Society or a beneficiary of our services and awareness programmes, you will be aware of the scope of our efforts. Much of the success of our Society has been thanks to the hard work of our staff, IOS members and the IOS board members.

We are dependent on various sources for our annual funding as we have two staff members who cover the entire Republic Of Ireland. We would like to do a lot more awareness to help prevent people from developing this silent disease however we also want to make sure that those who have Osteoporosis receive the correct information to help maintain their independence and quality of life.

By leaving a legacy to the Irish Osteoporosis Society you can help change the lives of people with Osteoporosis for years to come.

Making a Will is an easy and inexpensive process, but should always be done in consultation with a solicitor. You can make or update your Will at any stage of your life. If you have already made a Will, it is a simple matter to make additional bequest by adding a Codicil.

A legacy to a charity enables you to make a gift without affecting your current income and is also not liable to any taxation for either you or your family. As a registered charity, the Irish Osteoporosis Society is exempt from Capital Acquisitions and Probate Tax on benefits received by us, so your entire bequest can be of immense practical value to our work.

There are three types of gifts you can make through your will:

  1. A pecuniary gift: a fixed amount of money;
  2. A specific gift: a particular item such as a piece of jewellery;
  3. A residual gift: a gift from the residue of your estate, or a part of it, after all the individual gifts have been made.

No legacy can be too big or too small.

Should you decide to make a bequest to the IOS, we thank you most sincerely for the real concerns you have shown in helping us continue our work.

If you would like to talk to somebody about leaving a legacy for the Society, please contact our office on (Lo-call) 1890 252 751 or tel. 01-637 5050 or e-mail fundraising@irishOsteoporosis.ie.