Risk Factor Questionnaire


Are you or a family member at risk of having or developing Osteoporosis?

We recommend that you print and fill out the Osteoporosis risk factor Questionnaire and bring it with you when visiting your doctor. There is a questionnaire for both males and females. You can then discuss with your doctor whether or not you require a DXA scan.

Due to the fact that Osteoporosis is preventable in many cases, if the DXA scan shows that your bones are normal, you can then help prevent yourself from developing Osteoporosis. If the scan shows that you have osteopenia or Osteoporosis, a treatment plan can be initiated to prevent a fracture or further fractures.

Click for Bone Mineral Density Questionnaire- Female

Click for Bone Mineral Density Questionnaire- Male

Under 21 Bone Mineral Density Questionnaire